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Skate is developing a next-generation software platform to streamline productivity and collaboration in the college environment. Harnessing the power of the latest technologies like the Tablet PC, .NET and web services, Skate caters to customers ranging from students, faculty, and researchers to universities and learning communities - all sharing the vision of technology accelerated learning. Launched by Caltech graduates in early 2001, Skate has had early support from EFP, Caltech and Microsoft.

>Vikram Dendi is the third son of a small town teacher couple from Southern India. His journey to pursue his dream in the field of Computer Human Interaction has taken him half way around the world, first to a school in Kansas and then to California. Vikram conceptualized Skate in his junior year at Caltech and joined the EFP after graduating with Honors in June 2002. Vikram brings unique experiences having worked with visionary leaders such as Jay Walker, Vikas Kapoor, and Bill Gross. After learning the ropes in stints at Walker Digital and various startup companies, he spent last summer realigning a pre-dotcom New York company to the post-dotcom world. He recently wrapped up a two year assignment for Microsoft after dramatically changing campus perspectives towards the company and being instrumental in architecting the Caltech-Microsoft IT partnership. Vikram hopes to use his experiences in the EFP towards his greater goal of changing the way the world interacts with computers.


>Cesar Gonzalez has lived in Peru, Argentina, Columbia, Libya, England, France, and the United States. This lifestyle has afforded him a unique world view which he brings to the EFP, as well as fluency in English, Spanish, and French. He has a BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Caltech and a strong interest in entrepreneurship, which led to his choosing the Entrepreneurial Fellowship Program after graduation. An avid learner, he joins the EFP to understand the intricacies of starting a software venture.